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Let’s be honest, we all know the best way to remove wine stains. Just don’t spill your red wine (we wish it were that easy). For all of us wine lovers though, that is likely not going to happen. Wine spills happen on couches, on rugs, on carpet and on clothing. We have seen wine spilled everywhere and anywhere. Fortunately for you we have found the best way to remove wine stains.

wine stain img 3

We know what you’re thinking to yourself…”I have to get on my hands and knees and scrub” or “I have to mix some chemical with something else, and then blot the wine stain” and you are also probably thinking about how long it will take to actually remove the wine stain once you start scrubbing and blotting. Think again!

Wine Stain Off solves the problem of actually removing the wine stain, with none of the hassles of other remedies. Wine Stain Off comes in a 24oz spray bottle and it’s only job is to remove wine stains. We have found that Wine Stain Off will remove freshly spilled wine stains, as well as old wine stains that have set in. If you are lucky enough to already have a bottle, you can spray Wine Stain Off directly on the fresh wine stain and watch before your eyes as the stain just disappears. If you don’t have a bottle, you can purchase one at Once you receive your bottle, spray Wine Stain Off on the affected areas so that the stain is fully saturated. After you have sprayed, just walk away. There is no scrubbing, no blotting and best of all, no more stain!

We love wine and we hate spilling, but with Wine Stain Off we don’t have to worry about those spills and can get right back to uncorking another bottle. Cheers!